It would be presumptious of me to think that I am revealing a secret here. But I sometimes don’t believe people realize it. For you to become you, it takes two very simple life forms that have a singular purpose (yet unknown to themselves) to converge in order to create the being that is a sum of them, far more advanced than they ever knew.

Think about this. The sperm just knows it has to swim. Many will try and die in the process. The egg waits in a state of human ‘un-beingness’. When the egg and sperm converge, a process takes place that ends their existence, to create something fart greater that they have no idea about. Nothing is left of them but a signature from each. And yet, that tiny signature, carries within it information that spans the seas of time. 

That is a miracle. A true miracle! So I ask you, what if we as now humans were part of a larger organism that is being made? What then?