This is a small piece, but it represents hours of work. For starters, I made a glue-based printing plate that was a total failure at first. But it was that very plate that led me to the ideas that I could create a new form of printing plate out of rubber without using a laser cutter.

I’ve nothing against technology mind you. I am by all accounts involved in electronics, software synthesis, etc. I also use the computer on occasion to make studies or even parts of my paintings. I don’t shy away from the computer. But when it comes to the guttural emotion of expression, being on software to design the plate is not an option. And before someone mentions block printing…

I am not fond of carving linoleum blocks because that method has a look. I love the look, but it is not my look. Let millions of others do that. I want something unique to my way of working. And in rubber (Flexseal), I found a medium I could work with that was odd. But I digress.

My failed glue as printing plate proved a disaster, but I loved the design. So I went out and bought a can of the liquid rubber and poured it. From this, I created my first plate. It is not the method I stayed with, but it served me well, and it was also using this particular plate that I made a monoprint from.