Ladders have often entered into my pictures. I think it began with one of the first pieces I created for a shirt, and it blossomed from there. It was many years later that I began to read about heirarchy of consciousness, and the term ladder of selves. I embraced that such a thing is real.

Who are you, really? It’s a question that when you take time to explore, you realize how vastly wrong we can be on just about anything. There are so many levels to being ourselves. For me, this question put into my mind why I always painted padders.

Perhaps the ladder represents experiences, or maybe it represents desire or ambition. I will not venture to tell you, for that is the job of the image. But I do have something I want you to consider.

When I begin the work, it does not exist. I go through a portal of time, emotion, space, reality, and express in the most feable way that I can that experience as it is happening. The work is a culmination of the journey, but is not the journey itself. It’s a polaroid that I was able to snap at the very last second before I could become lost in that other world without a hope of return. 

I ask you, what is your world like?