I can be an emotional mess. I travel all around the world as Anything Box, which is difficult enough. Add to that the idea that managers, agents, and all manner of people do not understand that for me music and art is a symbiosis. A self-made culture! It is. These very words cannot express it enough. Sound influences my visual work as my visual work influences sound. 

This seemingly simple piece, one of the early ones, actually, is quite emotional for me because it was not made in an afternoon. It was creeated from the parts of other pieces, some of which I could not bear to look at as they evoked memories I had chosen to leave behind. And yet, they persisted. It took many days to get to this. And yet it is so simple, is it not? 

So it bears saying, yet again. I enter this world you see before you as an explorer of emotion, and while I am in that space, that island, that locale, I am cutting, pouring, smearing, and my thoughts are flying in and out of consciousness. This is how I work. This is the journey.

What you are seeing is the endpoint, the door from which I returned to our collective reality. It’s a snapshot, and it may be a bit blurry, but it is a world.