But… My name is Claudio Marcelo Strilio [ also known to the world as Claude S. or Anything Box ]. I am a strong believer that the science of art is a mystical experience. I’ve been making art and music symbiotically for over 35 years in various forms to explore this belief. The personal aim for my works is to make the world a better place by evoking thoughts and conversations. So please join me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and have a conversation with me. 

For now, please let me explain what I mean by “liquid rubber” as this is a question I get all the time, along with “What is Anything Box?” in my art circles.

I first got the idea to use #Flexseal to make monoprints during a morning walk, and I then created the first monoprints using Flexseal to create printing plates.

This is a discovery I made on my own when I realized no one was doing using this material in this fashion. So I felt like a pioneer in an alien wilderness (still do). Mystical experience indeed. I am still exploring this wonderful medium!

I’m in a constant state of creative flux, but I now work primarily using liquid rubber (Flexseal), ink, acrylics, pastels, oils, and just about anything that will take me on a journey into the inner universes. From there, I return with artifacts in the form of these works. 

Perhaps these artifacts will become your passport into your inner universes. If you wish to own any of these pieces, feel free to contact me using modern means. 

I will be posting on Instagram more than the art you will find here, but it’s a good start. For both of us. So excuse the site as I am still working on it. As I said, everything is in flux, just as time is. You did know that time is always in flux, didn’t you?